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Reach fo the Skiber Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Skiber Law

Scholarship Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 1
Award Deadline : Jul 31, 2020

There are few things in life as satisfying as reaching a goal that you set for yourself and often times, the journey leading to that goal is what makes the end result so rewarding. In an effort to recognize students for setting and achieving their own personal goals Connecticut Personal Injury attorney, Michael Skiber is thrilled to announce The Reach for the Skiber Scholarship.

At the Law Office of Michael E. Skiber, we always set the bar high and see our goals through, start to finish. That's why Michael and his team want to encourage those who also set ambitious goals to persevere and achieve their dreams. Not only are ambitious goals important to achieve personal growth, but also in order to reach our full potential as individuals! This year we are offering a $1,000 scholarship to the student who submits the best essay explaining a time in their life where they reached for the sky! We want students to feel empowered to share their success stories and how they achieved their goals even when they may have doubted their abilities. It is our hope that this scholarship will also encourage other students to set their goals high and do everything in their power to achieve them.

Scholarship Eligibility:

To qualify for the Reach for the Skiber Scholarship, an applicant must be currently enrolled in an accredited university (community college, junior college, undergraduate program, or graduate program) within the United States. High school graduates or GED holders who are preparing for college-level studies are also eligible to apply.

Application Requirements:

All interested applicants must provide the following:

A) An updated resume.

B) A current up-to-date transcript from the applicants' school (NOTE: first-year students may submit an unofficial transcript from their most recent institution as well as an unofficial transcript from your current post-secondary institution.)

C) A 1,000-word original essay that discusses a specific time in your life where you reached for the sky. We want to hear about what motivated you, the challenges you faced, and how you felt at the end of your journey.

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