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RealtyHop Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by RealtyHop

Scholarship Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 2
Award Deadline : Aug 31, 2020

The RealtyHop Scholarship awards up to $2,000 a year to eligible undergraduate students and high school seniors working towards a bachelor and/or associate degree program in the US who demonstrate the ambition, diligence, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit that is central to our company culture.

The scholarship prompt is as follows:

"How have your family, friends, and life at home influenced your decision on your future career?"

How to Apply and Eligibility

You must be a current student in an eligible undergraduate program or a graduating high school senior in the U.S., working towards a bachelor's degree or associates degree.

You must apply using your school email address. If your school does not provide one, then you may still apply using your personal email and include a PDF file of your acceptance letter to the Undergraduate or Associates program. We will ultimately need to verify your eligibility upon submission.

Application Deadlines (Winner notified within 30 days of each deadline):

A) April 30

B) August 31


One scholarship recipient will be chosen per application deadline.

Awards include the following:

A) Scholarship check of $1000

B) A part-time or full-time internship with RealtyHop (optional)

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