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Evans Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Western Golf Association

Scholarship Value: $12,000
Awards Available: 800
Award Deadline : Oct 30, 2020

The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for high-achieving caddies with limited financial means. To qualify, caddies must meet the requirements of having a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need and outstanding character.

Scholarship applications are accepted at the beginning of an applicant's senior year of high school, as well as from college freshmen.

The entire application – including supporting documents like evaluations, recommendation letters, transcripts, test scores, a CSS profile and FAFSA information – are expected to be completed by October 30. The Scholarship Committee will begin its review when the application is complete. The Committee will interview finalists, and the final selection rests with the Committee. All decisions will be finalized by April 1.

Scholarship Requirements

Strong caddie record:

Applicants must have caddied, regularly and successfully, for a minimum of two years and are expected to caddie at their sponsoring club the year they apply for the Scholarship. Due to COVID-19, we expect caddie loops in 2020 will be negatively impacted for this this year's applicants.

Excellent academics:

Applicants must have completed their junior year of high school with above a B average in college preparatory courses. Due to COVID-19 the ACT and SAT will be optional for 2020 applicants.

Demonstrated financial need:

Applicants must clearly have a need for financial assistance.

Outstanding character:

Applicants must be outstanding in character, integrity and leadership.

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