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Personal Achievement College Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by ERCA

Scholarship Value: $15,000
Awards Available: 3
Award Deadline: Jul 26, 2019

Over the last 20 years, we've given away over $1,000,000 in college scholarships nationwide!

Scholarship Eligibility:

The Student Research Foundation Personal Achievement Scholarship Competition is open to all high school students who are legal residents of the United States.

Applicants must:

1) describe a personal achievement story

2) determine and explain instances of struggle or adversity

3) and display how they overcame adversity to reach their goals.

All applicants under the age of eighteen or minors at the time of application must have the permission of at least one of their parents and/or legal guardians to apply.

By applying, applicants and/or their parents or legal guardians (if such applicants are minors) agree to accept and be bound by all terms of these Official Rules and Regulations.

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