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Catching the Dream Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsored by Catching the Dream

Scholarship Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 50
Award Deadline : Sep 15, 2020

Catching the Dream is a national Native American education and scholarship center. Our strategy is to:

Actively seek out Native American high school students with academic potential from all regions and tribes of the United States and help prepare them for college;

Encourage and assist Native American high schools to establish college preparatory programs.

Establish information-sharing networks and national training sessions for teachers and administrators to strengthen their college preparatory programs;

Orient parents, grandparents, and tribal leaders so they can provide effective support for their college-bound students.

Catching the Dream works in collaboration with other groups concerned with improving Native American education, for example, with two-year tribal colleges by helping qualified graduates further their education. CTD provides supplementary scholarship funding for those students who have received financial assistance from other sources. Once we select students, they are guaranteed funding for four years and beyond, should they go on to earn graduate degrees.

Over 85% of Catching the Dream's scholarship recipients have earned college degrees, and 85% have returned to work in tribal communities.

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